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ARMMs technology (ARRDC1 Mediated Microvesicles) drug delivery technology_o Vesigen Therapeutics Inc. 2020-07-22
3CPatch® System wound care product, biological_o Reapplix (Group) 2020-07-14
Lena genomic data compression software genomic software tools Enancio S.A.S. 2020-07-14
Forbion Growth Opportunities Fund fund, human health Forbion Capital Partners (NL) 2020-07-09
Gene Traffic Control™ product platform gene expression technology Foghorn Therapeutics Inc. 2020-07-08
Barostim Neo™ system cardiovascular device CVRx Inc. 2020-07-07
daridorexant Idorsia (Group) 2020-07-06
Byfavo™ analgesic_o Cosmo Pharmaceuticals (Group) 2020-07-02
Bio4C™ Software Suite bioinformatics_oo Merck (DE) (Group) 2020-07-01
AccuCyte® Sample Preparation System sample preparation (technology)_o RareCyte Inc. 2020-06-23
Kaia digital therapy digital health Kaia Health (Group) 2020-06-18
BlueBase genomics s/w genomic software tools Illumina (Group) 2020-06-17
BlueBench genomics s/w genomic software tools Illumina (Group) 2020-06-17
BlueFlow genomics s/w genomic software tools Illumina (Group) 2020-06-17
Bioqube Factory Fund I fund, human health Bioqube Ventures (BE) 2020-06-10
Atlas Venture Fund XII fund, human health Atlas Venture (Group) 2020-06-05
Mobilion SLIM system ion mobility spectrometry technology (IMS) Mobilion Systems Inc. 2020-06-04
OEChem software cheminformatics software tools OpenEye Scientific (Group) 2020-05-12
OEDepict software cheminformatics software tools OpenEye Scientific (Group) 2020-05-12
OMEGA software cheminformatics software tools OpenEye Scientific (Group) 2020-05-12
Orion cloud-native discovery platform drug discovery software OpenEye Scientific (Group) 2020-05-12
CapsidMap™ synthetic AAV capsid platform gene therapy technology Dyno Therapeutics Inc. 2020-05-11
Therapeutic Insights Services (sample-to-answer mass cytometry services) mass spectrometry (MS) Fluidigm (Group) 2020-05-07
SynFini™ synthetic-chemistry platform laboratory automation equipment_o SRI International (Group) 2020-05-05
psilocybin therapy antidepressant Compass Pathways Ltd. 2020-04-27
CpG 1018 toll-like receptor 9 (TLR9) agonist adjuvant vaccine technology Dynavax (Group) 2020-04-22
Solupore® cell engineering technology platform cell therapy technology Avectas Ltd. 2020-04-16
HAL AI-driven humanoid antibody library antibody technology Evotec (Group) 2020-04-15
NETSseq technology drug discovery technology_o Cerevance (Group) 2020-04-14
VenBio Global Strategic Fund III (VenBio Fund III) fund, human health VenBio (Group) 2020-04-03
ARCH Venture Fund X fund, human health ARCH Venture Partners 2020-04-02
ARCH Venture Fund X Overage fund, human health ARCH Venture Partners 2020-04-02
EVOcells platform stem cell technology Evotec (Group) 2020-04-02
FailSafe™ iPSC technology (FailSafe Cells) stem cell technology 2020-04-02
iACT Stealth Cells™ stem cell technology 2020-04-02
Gilde Healthcare V fund (GHC V) fund, human health_o Gilde Healthcare Partners B.V. 2020-03-31
QIAstat-Dx Respiratory SARS-CoV-2 Panel test clinical genomic test (nucleic acid diagnostics) Qiagen (Group) 2020-03-31
Flagship Pioneering Origination Fund VII fund, human health Flagship Pioneering 2020-03-27
XpressCF™ platform (cell-free protein synthesis) proteomic services SutroVax Inc. 2020-03-26
ESCAPE™ single cell proteogenomics platform cell analysis technology Proteona Pte. Ltd. 2020-03-25
Probody® technology platform antibody technology CytomX Therapeutics Inc. (Nasdaq: CTMX) 2020-03-23
Xpert® Xpress SARS-CoV-2 test clinical genomic test (nucleic acid diagnostics) Danaher (Group) 2020-03-21
Shielded Living Therapeutics™ platform drug delivery technology_o Sigilon Therapeutics Inc. 2020-03-17
CrossLab Asset Monitoring laboratory equipment services_o Agilent (Group) 2020-03-16
CrossLab Connect Suite laboratory equipment services_o Agilent (Group) 2020-03-16
cobas® SARS-CoV-2 Test clinical genomic test (nucleic acid diagnostics) Roche (Group) 2020-03-12
AccuLift™ Laser Capture Microdissection System laser microdissection Fluidigm (Group) 2020-03-10
Fintepla® pharmaceutical_oo Zogenix Inc. (Nasdaq: ZGNX) 2020-03-06
Allo-Glue™ technology platform drug discovery technology_o Orionis Biosciences (Group) 2020-03-05
Oleena multi-cancer digital therapy disease/treatment management software Voluntis (Group) 2020-03-04
Theraxium Oncology platform disease/treatment management software Voluntis (Group) 2020-03-04
GenetiSure Cyto microarrays DNA chip product (array, bead, lab-on-a-chip) (DNA, cDNA, mRNA, oligo) Agilent (Group) 2020-03-03
SuRE technology (Survey of Regulatory Elements technology) genomic technology 2020-03-02
Vanquish Core HPLC System liquid chromatography (LC) Thermo Fisher (Group) 2020-03-02
OncOS platform for clinical decision support clinical research Cambridge Cancer Genomics ( (Group) 2020-02-28
Duplex Sequencing™ technology DNA sequencing TwinStrand Biosciences Inc. 2020-02-27
On-Demand-Cytokine™ platform technology (ODC platform technology) drug discovery technology_o Trutino Biosciences Inc. 2020-02-27
10x Cloud Analysis (SaaS) genomic software tools 10x Genomics (Group) 2020-02-24
Chromium Connect system cell analysis technology 10x Genomics (Group) 2020-02-24
MyStudyWindow SaaS solution clinical software tools Carebox Healthcare Solutions Inc. 2020-02-18
MaaT Microbiome Restoration Biotherapeutics (MMRB) platform microbiomic treatment (live biotherapeutic product, LBP) MaaT Pharma (Microbiota as a Therapy) 2020-02-05
AI-Assisted Reagent Selection (BenchSci) drug discovery software BenchSci (CA) 2020-02-04
AI-based reagent selection software drug discovery software 2020-02-04
DEPIv3 systems biology AI drug discovery platform drug discovery software Stalicla S.A. 2020-02-03
STP2 (Stalicla) neuropathic drug Stalicla S.A. 2020-02-03
therascreen® PIK3CA RGQ PCR Kit clinical genomic test (nucleic acid diagnostics) Qiagen (Group) 2020-02-03
e-Col cloud document management solution cloud computing ConsulTech GmbH 2020-01-31
Palforzia™ immunotherapy Aimmune Therapeutics (Group) 2020-01-31
MERFISH technology (multiplexed, genome-scale nucleic acid imaging) molecular imaging 2020-01-30
XTreo™ drug delivery technology drug delivery technology_o Lyra Therapeutics Inc. (Nasdaq: LYRA) 2020-01-29
G-Rex® technology cell culture technology_o Wilson Wolf Corporation 2020-01-21
Lovo® cell processing system cell analysis technology Fresenius (Group) 2020-01-21
Tepezza™ ophthalmic_o Horizon Therapeutics (Group) 2020-01-21
NEO-STIM™ technology (process to directly prime, activate and expand neoantigen-targeting T cells ex vivo) cell therapy technology BioNTech (Group) 2020-01-16
Qiagen Clinical Precision Insights (QCI Precision Insights) genomic software tools Qiagen (Group) 2020-01-16
RECON® machine-learning bioinformatics platform bioinformatics_oo BioNTech (Group) 2020-01-16
BIONDD technology oral drug delivery technology Biograil ApS 2020-01-15
Jeito I Fund fund, human health Jeito Capital (Group) 2020-01-15
therascreen® KRAS G12C mutation test clinical genomic test (nucleic acid diagnostics) Qiagen (Group) 2020-01-13
Proclarix® blood-based prostate cancer test panel and risk score clinical proteomic test Proteomedix AG 2020-01-10
Qbrexza® dermatic_o Dermira, Inc. (Nasdaq: DERM) 2020-01-10
DELigase™ drug discovery platform drug discovery technology_o Nurix Therapeutics Inc. 2020-01-09
Sequencing By Binding™ technology (SBB™ technology) DNA sequencing Omniome Inc. 2020-01-09
EyeCET technology platform Eyevensys (Group) 2020-01-08
HRQT companion diagnostic diagnostic test Adaptive Phage Therapeutics Inc. (APT) 2020-01-08
Ori platform for fully automated CGT manufacturing cell therapy technology Oribiotech Ltd. (Ori Biotech) 2020-01-08
PhageBank™ therapy antibiotic Adaptive Phage Therapeutics Inc. (APT) 2020-01-08
Landing Pad technology synthetic biotechnology_o MIT, Synthetic Biology Center 2020-01-07
Flowfect™ technology (cell engineering) cell therapy technology Kytopen Corporation 2020-01-01
Biktarvy® virostatic agent Gilead Sciences (Group) 2019-12-31
Mérieux Participations 3 Fund fund, human health_o Mérieux (Group) 2019-12-31
ACCEL technology platform (Advanced Cellular Control through Engineered Ligands) cancer immunotherapy (immuno-oncology, I-O) 2019-12-27
dtb-instilla single-use disposable drug delivery device drug delivery technology_o 2019-12-24
EvoT4™ DNA ligase industrial enzyme Codexis (Group) 2019-12-23
AeroVanc antibiotic Savara (Group) 2019-12-20
Contepo™ (fosfomycin for injection, previously ZTI-01 and ZOLYD) antibiotic Nabriva (Group) 2019-12-20
Molgradex cytokine Savara (Group) 2019-12-20
Anellovector™ technology platform vector (biotech) 2019-12-19
Geno1™ technology genomic technology Genomill Health (FI) 2019-12-18
Stratafide™ pan-solid tumor companion diagnostic (CDx) diagnostic test ArcherDX Inc. 2019-12-17
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