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Qiagen CLC Genomics Workbench Premium genomic software tools Qiagen (Group) 2023-01-23
Qiagen CLC LightSpeed technology (software accelerator) genomic software tools Qiagen (Group) 2023-01-23
DO-2 (DeuterOncology / Octimet Oncology / Janssen Pharmaceutica) tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) DeuterOncology N.V. 2023-01-19
Calantic™ Digital Solutions medical imaging platform imaging technology_o Bayer (Group) 2023-01-18
EZ2 Connect MDx platform automated sample preparation technology_o Qiagen (Group) 2023-01-17
VaxArray® platform microarray technology InDevR Inc. 2023-01-17
Tetra Scientific Data Cloud™ cloud computing TetraScience Inc. 2023-01-12
AVITI™ sequencing system DNA sequencing system_other Element Biosciences Inc. 2023-01-11
3T-TRACE discovery platform (T-Cell Receptor Antigen and Cross-Reactivity Engine) cancer immunotherapy (immuno-oncology, I-O) 3T Biosciences Inc. 2023-01-09
GEDmatch database and GEDmatch PRO™ portal genomic database Qiagen (Group) 2023-01-09
MiSeq FGx® Sequencing System DNA sequencing system_other Illumina (Group) 2023-01-09
Quviviq™ dual orexin receptor antagonist (DORA) Idorsia (Group) 2023-01-09
Filsuvez® pharmaceutical_oo Amryt Pharma (Group) 2023-01-08
PhenoCycler® multiparameter tissue analysis technology tissue analysis Akoya Biosciences (Group) 2023-01-06
PhenoImager™ HT imaging platform (pathology system) pathology system Akoya Biosciences (Group) 2023-01-06
HIVE® data management system data integration and analysis software (bioinformatics) Bruker (Group) 2023-01-05
IM04 Imaging Instrument microscope_o Bruker (Group) 2023-01-05
TrueDiscovery™ proteomic research services mass spectrometry (MS) Bruker (Group) 2023-01-04
TrueSignature™ proteomic research services mass spectrometry (MS) Bruker (Group) 2023-01-04
TrueTarget™ proteomic research services mass spectrometry (MS) Bruker (Group) 2023-01-04
AtoMx™ Spatial Informatics Platform bioinformatics_oo NanoString Technologies Inc. (Nasdaq: NSTG) 2022-12-22
CosMx™ Spatial Molecular Imager cell analysis technology NanoString Technologies Inc. (Nasdaq: NSTG) 2022-12-22
GeoMx® Digital Spatial Profiler spatial omics NanoString Technologies Inc. (Nasdaq: NSTG) 2022-12-22
Lab-as-Code technology (Ganymede Bio) data integration and analysis software (bioinformatics) Ganymede Bio Inc. 2022-12-20
Ebvallo™ cancer immunotherapy (immuno-oncology, I-O) Atara Biotherapeutics (Group) 2022-12-19
Erbi Breez™ microbioreactor bioreactor Merck (DE) (Group) 2022-12-06
Hemgenix® gene therapy hemophilia B CSL (Group) 2022-11-22
RAPID chemoproteomics platform (for discovery of small molecule drugs) small-molecule drug discovery technology Jnana Therapeutics Inc. 2022-11-15
Chromatone™ system imaging technology_o 2022-11-14
miniscope (miniaturised microscopes for in-vivo animal brain imaging) microscope_o Bruker (Group) 2022-11-08
Trusted Collaboration Environment (TCE) (BC Platforms) data management and workflow software (bioinformatics) BC Platforms (BCP) (Group) 2022-11-08
Blazar® Rodent Panel quality control diagnostics_o Merck (DE) (Group) 2022-11-07
Biodata Network (Centogene) genomic database Centogene (Group) 2022-11-03
LSR-1019 (Lusaris Therapeutics) psychopharmaceutical Lusaris Therapeutics Inc. 2022-11-02
The Kraken computational chemistry platform drug discovery software Alterome Therapeutics Inc. 2022-11-02
DCE Platform® (deuterated chemical entity platform) drug development technology Sun Pharmaceutical (Group) 2022-11-01
PROTEINi® technology (protein interference) drug discovery technology_o PhoreMost Ltd. 2022-10-28
HEPTAD platform (for antibody discovery) antibody technology AbbVie (Group) 2022-10-20
A-Kine™ platform drug discovery technology_o Orionis Biosciences (Group) 2022-10-19
Launchpad innovation engine (Aqemia) AI-based drug discovery technology Aqemia S.A.S. 2022-10-19
Prime Editing technology genomic technology Prime Medicine Inc. (Nasdaq: PRME) 2022-10-19
Actiphage® blood test (TB test) diagnostic test PBD Biotech (Group) 2022-10-17
Advanced Covalent Exploration (ACE) platform drug discovery technology_o Matchpoint Therapeutics Inc. 2022-10-14
sAAVy™ gene delivery platform gene therapy technology AstraZeneca (Group) 2022-10-03
ezRNA™ synthesis platform genomic technology EnPlusOne Biosciences Inc. 2022-09-30
ScaiVision single-cell analytics platform cell analysis technology Scailyte AG 2022-09-19
CellAi (ValitaCell) analytical instrument_other Danaher (Group) 2022-09-13
ChemStress Clone Robustness (ValitaCell) analytical instrument_other Danaher (Group) 2022-09-13
Quantum (ValitaCell) analytical instrument_other Danaher (Group) 2022-09-13
ValitaTiter (ValitaCell) analytical instrument_other Danaher (Group) 2022-09-13
EchoLUTION technology nucleic acid purification (technology) BioEcho (Group) 2022-09-02
Spevigo® dermatic_o Boehringer Ingelheim (Group) 2022-09-02
LabX™ Balance software device software_o Mettler-Toledo (Mettler Toledo) (Group) 2022-09-01
Digital LightCycler® System thermocycler (thermal cycler)_o Roche (Group) 2022-08-23
KIN001 (Kinarus) virostatic agent Kinarus Therapeutics Holding AG (SIX: KNRS) 2022-08-22
GenomOncology Precision Oncology Platform (GO POP) genomic software tools GenomOncology LLC (GO) 2022-08-04
Cimerli™ (FYB201, ranibizumab biosimilar) ophthalmic_o Formycon (Group) 2022-08-03
Engineered Cell Libraries (Synthego) genomic technology Synthego Corporation 2022-08-02
Oncotype DX® GPS (Genomic Prostate Score®) clinical genomic test (nucleic acid diagnostics) Exact Sciences (Group) 2022-08-02
Somnia Digital Health Solution digital health app ResMed (Group) 2022-08-02
DropSynth™ technology (genome writing platform) genomic technology Replay (Group) 2022-07-25
LASR™ technology (evolutionary inference algorithm platform for rewriting proteins) genomic technology Replay (Group) 2022-07-25
synHSV™ vector technology vector (biotech) Replay (Group) 2022-07-25
uCell™ technology (iPSC-derived cell source) cell therapy technology Replay (Group) 2022-07-25
M-Codes™ protein barcoding technology proteomic technology Manifold Biotechnologies Inc. (Manifold Bio) 2022-07-14
M-Design™ drug discovery platform drug discovery technology_o Manifold Biotechnologies Inc. (Manifold Bio) 2022-07-14
Cas protein genomic technology Epic Bio (Epicrispr Biotechnologies, Inc.) 2022-07-12
CasMINI Cas protein genomic technology Epic Bio (Epicrispr Biotechnologies, Inc.) 2022-07-12
GEMS platform (Gene Expression Modulation System) genomic technology Epic Bio (Epicrispr Biotechnologies, Inc.) 2022-07-12
4D Lifetest™ Lung Dx cancer test 4D Lifetec AG 2022-07-11
BioDiscovery 6 Fund (Andera Partners) fund, human health Andera Partners (FR) 2022-07-07
Cotellic® MEK inhibitor Roche (Group) 2022-07-07
Minnebro® cancer drug_o Daiichi Sankyo (Group) 2022-07-07
Diversity-Oriented LNP platform (InnoRNA) vector (biotech) InnoRNA Biotechnology Co., Ltd. 2022-07-06
I-ReSToRE drug discovery platform (incl. Checkpoint Atlas™) drug discovery technology_o MiroBio Ltd. 2022-06-29
Accudo® biostimulant biological crop protection product (biopesticide) FMC (Group) 2022-06-22
Presence® bionematicide biological crop protection product (biopesticide) FMC (Group) 2022-06-22
Provilar™ biofungicide biological crop protection product (biopesticide) FMC (Group) 2022-06-22
Quartzo® bionematicide biological crop protection product (biopesticide) FMC (Group) 2022-06-22
Zironar™ biofungicide/bionematicide biological crop protection product (biopesticide) FMC (Group) 2022-06-22
UG 100™ HT-NGS instrument platform DNA sequencing system_other Ultima Genomics Inc. 2022-06-21
DragonFold technology AI-based drug discovery technology Charm Therapeutics Ltd. 2022-06-09
Forbion Growth Opportunities Fund II (Forbion Growth II) fund, human health Forbion (Group) 2022-06-09
FramePro platform drug discovery technology_o CureVac (Group) 2022-06-08
ACTallo® platform (allogeneic gamma delta T cell therapy platform) cell therapy technology Immatics (Group) 2022-06-02
Condensomis™ platform (microfluidics-driven machine learning approach to biomolecular condensate drug discovery) AI-based drug discovery technology Transition Bio (Group) 2022-06-02
BRT-DA01 transplantation (pluripotent stem cell-derived dopaminergic neurons) stem cell therapy Bayer (Group) 2022-05-31
MAPS™ technology (Multiple Antigen Presenting System) vaccine technology GSK (Group) 2022-05-31
SINEUP® platform genomic technology Transine Therapeutics Ltd. 2022-05-31
TCR/BCR (T Cell Receptor/B Cell Receptor) repertoire profiling diagnostic technology_o Eurofins (Group) 2022-05-31
ProFoundry™ platform drug discovery technology_o ProFound Therapeutics (US) 2022-05-26
ceMED (convection-enhanced macroencapsulation device) drug delivery technology_o Pancryos ApS 2022-05-24
PanINSULA™ stem cell derived, natural insulin production therapy antidiabetic_o Pancryos ApS 2022-05-24
SIRVE™ machine learning-enabled technology and cloud computing architecture bioinformatics_oo Kriya Therapeutics (Group) 2022-05-16
BioSpec® Maxwell 3 Tesla MRI system magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) Bruker (Group) 2022-05-09
BioSpec® Maxwell 7 Tesla MRI system magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) Bruker (Group) 2022-05-09
BioSpec® Maxwell 9.4 Tesla MRI system magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) Bruker (Group) 2022-05-09
Fit4Function AAV capsid engineering platform gene therapy technology Apertura Gene Therapy LLC 2022-05-04
Fermate® Rice biological pheromone product insecticide FMC (Group) 2022-05-03
OdyssION™ technology platform drug discovery technology_o OMass Therapeutics Ltd. 2022-04-28
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