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TrakCel Ltd.. (5/5/21). "Press Release: TrakCel Appoints Arturo Araya as Chief Commercial Officer". Cardiff. 2021-05-05
Inivata Ltd.. (5/5/21). "Press Release: Inivata to be Acquired by NeoGenomics. Exercise of Purchase Option to Acquire Remaining Inivata Equity Interest for $390m". Research Triangle Park, NC & Cambridge. 2021-05-05
Kuur Therapeutics, Inc.. (5/4/21). "Press Release: Athenex to Acquire Kuur Therapeutics to Expand Cell Therapy Development with Off-the-Shelf Engineered CAR-NKT Platform". Buffalo, NY. 2021-05-04
IP Group plc. (5/4/21). "Press Release: Portfolio Company Oxford Nanopore Technologies Raises £195m in New Investment". 2021-05-04
Scientific Industries, Inc.. (4/30/21). "Press Release: Scientific Industries Announces Acquisition of Aquila Biolabs to Advance Platform for Digitally Simplified Bioprocessing". Bohemia, NY & Pittsburgh, PA. 2021-04-30
Adcendo ApS. (4/29/21). "Press Release: Adcendo Raises EUR 51 Million in Series A Financing to Advance Novel Antibody-Drug Conjugates for Treatment of Cancers". Copenhagen. 2021-04-29
Forge Biologics. (4/29/21). "Press Release: Forge Biologics Announces Closing of $120 Million Series B Financing". Columbus, OH. 2021-04-29
Valneva S.E.. (4/29/21). "Press Release: Valneva Announces Launch of Proposed Global Offering, Start of the Roadshow and Nasdaq Listing". Saint-Herblain. 2021-04-29
CytoSmart Technologies B.V.. (4/28/21). "Press Release: CytoSmart Announces a U.S. Subsidiary". Eindhoven. 2021-04-28
Twist Bioscience Corporation. (4/28/21). "Press Release: Twist Bioscience and Vivlion Partner to Generate gRNA Libraries for CRISPR Applications". South San Francisco, CA & Frankfurt am Main. 2021-04-28
Kaia Health Software GmbH. (4/28/21). "Press Release: Kaia Health Raises $75 Million Series C to Optimize MSK and COPD Care in the U.S. and Europe". New York, NY. 2021-04-28
DNA Script. (4/27/21). "Press Release: DNA Script Partners with Moderna to Develop On-Demand Vaccines and Therapeutics for DARPA". Paris & Cambridge, MA. 2021-04-27
Exscientia Ltd.. (4/27/21). "Press Release: Exscientia Announces Investment of up to $525M". 2021-04-27
Ryvu Therapeutics S.A.. (4/26/21). "Press Release: Ryvu Therapeutics Appoints Vatnak Vat-Ho as Chief Business Officer". Krakow. 2021-04-26
Molecular Partners AG. (4/23/21). "Press Release: Molecular Partners Files Registration Statement for Proposed Initial Public Offering in the United States". Zürich-Schlieren. 2021-04-23
Endeavour Vision. (4/22/21). "Press Release: Endeavour Vision Closes Endeavour Medtech Growth II LP at USD 375m to Invest in Transformative Healthcare Technologies". St. Peter Port, Geneva & Minneapolis, MN. 2021-04-22
Goodwin Procter LLP. (4/20/21). "Press Release: Goodwin Extends Premier Life Sciences And Technology Platform to France with the Addition of Partner Anne-Charlotte Rivière". 2021-04-20
Evotec SE. (4/20/21). "Press Release: Evotec Accelerates Access to Biologic Therapeutics with Initiation of Manufacturing Facility in Toulouse". Hamburg. 2021-04-20
Mestag Therapeutics Ltd.. (4/20/21). "Press Release: Mestag Therapeutics Launches with Seed Financing of $11 Million to Develop Therapeutics Targeting Activated Fibroblast Populations across Inflammatory Disease and Cancer". Cambridge. 2021-04-20
Forbion Capital Partners. (4/20/21). "Press Release: Forbion Announces Final Close of Forbion Growth Opportunities Fund I at EUR 360 Million (USD 428 Million)". Naarden & Munich. 2021-04-20
Sense Biodetection Ltd.. (4/20/21). "Press Release: Sense Raises $50m Series B to Accelerate Launch of COVID-19 Molecular Test on Its Veros Instrument-free Product Platform". 2021-04-20
Relief Therapeutics Holding AG. (4/19/21). "Press Release: Relief Comments on Certain Statements Made by NeuroRx, Inc. in the Amended Form S-4 Filing of Big Rock Partners Acquisition Corp.". Geneva. 2021-04-19
Lumicks Technologies B.V.. (4/16/21). "Press Release: Lumicks Raises $93 Million in Series D Financing". Amsterdam. 2021-04-16
Forbion Capital Partners. (4/16/21). "Press Release: Forbion Appoints Head of Communications". Amsterdam. 2021-04-16
Alchemab Therapeutics Ltd.. (4/15/21). "Press Release: Alchemab Raises £60 Million ($82 Million) in Series A Financing to Advance Novel Platform for Identifying Disease-modifying Antibody Therapeutics". Cambridge. 2021-04-15
Alligator Bioscience AB. (4/15/21). "Press Release: Alligator Bioscience and MacroGenics Enter into a Research Collaboration to Develop a Novel Immunotherapy". Lund. 2021-04-15
Relief Therapeutics Holding AG. (4/15/21). "Press Release: Relief Reports 2020 Financial Results and Provides Business Update". Geneva. 2021-04-15
Ori Biotech Ltd.. (4/14/21). "Press Release: ATMPS and Ori Biotech Collaborate on an Integrated Digital Platform for Cell and Gene Therapy Developers". London & Woodcliff Lake, NJ. 2021-04-14
Twist Bioscience Corporation. (4/14/21). "Press Release: Pure Biologics Selects Twist Bioscience to Expand Phage Display Technology Capabilities". South San Francisco, CA. 2021-04-14
Biognosys AG. (4/13/21). "Press Release: Biognosys Announces Strategic Agreement with Siemens Healthineers". 2021-04-13
Jaguar Gene Therapy, LLC. (4/13/21). "Press Release: Jaguar Gene Therapy Closes $139 Million Series B Funding Co-led by Eli Lilly and Company and Deerfield Management". Lake Forest, IL. 2021-04-13
Repertoire Immune Medicines. (4/13/21). "Press Release: Repertoire Immune Medicines Secures $189M Financing to Advance Pipeline Programs and Discovery Platform Directed at Cellular Immune Targets". Cambridge, MA. 2021-04-13
Evotec SE. (4/13/21). "Press Release: Evotec Launches »beLAB2122«, Translating Academic Innovation from Leading German Life Science Region in Collaboration with Bristol Myers Squibb". Hamburg. 2021-04-13
Genovis AB. (4/13/21). "Press Release: Genovis and Waters Collaborate to Develop Efficient Workflows for Biopharmaceutical Characterization". 2021-04-13
CellGenix GmbH. (4/12/21). "Press Release: CellGenix Appoints Daniel Spatz as Vice President Sales, Marketing & Logistics and Member of the Management Team". Freiburg. 2021-04-12
F2G Ltd.. (4/12/21). "Press Release: Francesco Maria Lavino Appointed Chief Executive Officer of F2G Ltd". Manchester & Vienna. 2021-04-12
DiaSorin S.p.A.. (4/11/21). "Press Release: DiaSorin to Acquire Luminex Corporation for USD 37.00 per Share or Approximately USD 1.8 Billion". Saluggia. 2021-04-11
Sanofi S.A.. (4/9/21). "Press Release: Sanofi Acquires Tidal Therapeutics, Adding Innovative mRNA-based Research Platform with Applications in Oncology, Immunology, and other Disease Areas". Paris & Cambridge, MA. 2021-04-09
Future Planet Capital Ltd.. (4/8/21). "Press Release: Future Planet Acquires One of the UK’s Oldest VC Firms". 2021-04-08
Hologic, Inc.. (4/8/21). "Press Release: Hologic to Acquire Mobidiag, Innovator in Near-Patient, Acute Care Diagnostic Testing, for Approximately $795 Million". Marlborough, MA. 2021-04-08
Metagenomi Inc.. (4/7/21). "Press Release: Metagenomi Extends Series A Financing from RA Capital and Welcomes Andrew Levin to Its Board of Directors". Emeryville, CA. 2021-04-07
Artios Pharma Ltd.. (4/7/21). "Press Release: Artios Pharma Announces Collaboration with Novartis to Create Next Generation DDR Cancer Therapies". Cambridge & New York, NY. 2021-04-07
Metagenomi Inc.. (4/7/21). "Press Release: Metagenomi Announces the Addition of Leading Immuno-oncology Clinical Research Experts to Its Scientific Advisory Board". Emeryville, CA. 2021-04-07
Achilles Therapeutics plc. (4/6/21). "Press Release: Achilles Therapeutics Announces Closing of $175.5 Million Initial Public Offering". London. 2021-04-06
ADC Therapeutics S.A.. (4/6/21). "Press Release: Overland ADCT BioPharma Appoints Eric Koo as Chief Executive Officer". Boston, MA, Shanghai & Lausanne. 2021-04-06
Taysha Gene Therapies, Inc.. (4/5/21). "Press Release: Taysha Gene Therapies to Participate in Upcoming April Investor Healthcare Conferences". Dallas, TX. 2021-04-05
Promega Corporation. (4/1/21). "Press Release: New General Manager at Promega GmbH. Hans-Joachim Müller Takes Over Business from April 1, 2021". Walldorf. 2021-04-01
OncoResponse, Inc.. (3/31/21). "Press Release: OncoResponse Raises $40.6 Million Series C Financing". Seattle, WA. 2021-03-31
Flagship Pioneering. (3/31/21). "Press Release: Flagship Pioneering Expands Leadership Team with Appointment of Michael T. Nally as CEO-Partner. Nally to Lead Generate Biomedicines as CEO". Cambridge, MA. 2021-03-31
Rentschler Biopharma SE. (3/31/21). "Press Release: Rentschler Biopharma Appoints Dr. Martin Kessler as Chief Executive Officer of U.S. Subsidiary and as Senior Vice President Transformation". Laupheim & Milford, MA. 2021-03-31
Flagship Pioneering. (3/31/21). "Press Release: Flagship Pioneering Expands Biotech Footprint to Property in Somerville’s Boynton Yard. Four Flagship Start-ups Will Be First Occupants of New Space". Cambridge, MA. 2021-03-31
Pyxis Oncology. (3/30/21). "Press Release: Pyxis Oncology Closes $152 Million Series B Financing to Further Advance Portfolio of Biologics". Cambridge, MA. 2021-03-30
Achilles Therapeutics plc. (3/30/21). "Press Release: Achilles Therapeutics Announces Pricing of Initial Public Offering". London. 2021-03-30
Gyroscope Therapeutics Ltd.. (3/26/21). "Press Release: Gyroscope Therapeutics Announces $148 Million Raised in Series C Financing". London. 2021-03-26
Gyroscope Therapeutics Ltd.. (3/26/21). "Press Release: Gyroscope Therapeutics Announces Additional Financing Plans". London. 2021-03-26
Immunai. (3/25/21). "Press Release: Immunai Acquires Dropprint Genomics and Strengthens Leadership Team with Experts in Immunology to Expand Target Discovery Capabilities". New York, NY. 2021-03-25
Leyden Laboratories B.V.. (3/25/21). "Press Release: Leyden Labs to Unlock a New Generation of Preventative Medicines against Known and Future Viruses by Securing a €40 Million Series A from GV (formerly Google Ventures), F-Prime and Casdin Capital". Ams 2021-03-25
Immuneering Corporation. (3/25/21). "Press Release: Immuneering Expands Leadership Team with Appointment of Carolina Garcia Rizo, Ph.D., MBA, as Chief Business Officer". Cambridge, MA. 2021-03-25
Eliem Therapeutics, Inc.. (3/25/21). "Press Release: Eliem Therapeutics Emerges from Stealth with $80 Million Invested to Progress Multiple Clinical Stage Assets Targeting Neuronal Excitability Disorders". Seattle, WA & Cambrigde. 2021-03-25
Olink Holding AB. (3/25/21). "Press Release: Olink Holding AB (publ) Announces Pricing of Initial Public Offering". Uppsala. 2021-03-25
Numares AG. (3/24/21). "Press Release: Numares Announces FDA 510(k) Submission of Axinon System, a NMR Platform for Metabolomics-based, AI-driven Diagnostics". Boston, MA & Regensburg. 2021-03-24
Lava Therapeutics B.V.. (3/24/21). "Press Release: Lava Therapeutics Announces Pricing of Initial Public Offering". Utrecht & Philadelphia, PA. 2021-03-24
Metagenomi Inc.. (3/24/21). "Press Release: Metagenomi Expands Leadership Team, Accelerates Organizational Development with the Appointment of Jian Irish, Ph.D. as Chief Operating Officer". Emeryville, CA. 2021-03-24
Enterome S.A.. (3/24/21). "Press Release: Enterome Receives FDA IND Clearance for EO2463, an ‘OncoMimic’ based Immunotherapy Targeting Liquid Tumors". 2021-03-24
Merck & Co., Inc.. (3/24/21). "Press Release: Merck Appoints Caroline Litchfield Chief Financial Officer". Kenilworth, NJ. 2021-03-24
Scipher Medicine. (3/24/21). "Press Release: Scipher Medicine Announces $82 Million Financing". Waltham, MA. 2021-03-24
Arix Bioscience plc. (3/24/21). "Press Release: Strategy Implementation Review". London. 2021-03-24
DNA Script. (3/23/21). "Press Release: DNA Script Names Philippe Lyko as Chief Financial Officer". San Francisco, CA & Paris. 2021-03-23
1910 Genetics. (3/23/21). "Press Release: 1910 Genetics Debuts with $26M to Accelerate the Design of Small Molecule and Protein Therapeutics Through AI, Computation and Biological Automation". Cambridge, MA. 2021-03-23
PhoreMost Ltd.. (3/23/21). "Press Release: PhoreMost Closes £33M ($46M) Series B Financing". Cambridge. 2021-03-23
Meatable. (3/23/21). "Press Release: Meatable Raises $47 Million Series A to Continue Scaling Trajectory and Expand its Product Portfolio with Beef". 2021-03-23
Dunad Therapeutics. (3/23/21). "Press Release: Dunad Therapeutics Emerges to Develop Next-generation Small Molecule Therapeutics Based on First Tuneable Targeted Protein Degradation Technology". Cambridge. 2021-03-23
Emalex Biosciences, Inc.. (3/23/21). "Press Release: Emalex Biosciences Raises $35 Million in Series C Preferred Stock to Advance Tourette Syndrome and Stuttering Clinical Trials". Chicago. 2021-03-23
Novartis AG. (3/22/21). "Press Release: Novartis Appoints Karen Hale as Chief Legal Officer". Basel. 2021-03-22
Auro Biosciences, Inc.. (3/22/21). "Press Release: Aura Biosciences Announces Oversubscribed $80 Million Financing". Cambridge, MA. 2021-03-22
Oppenheimer & Co. Inc.. (3/22/21). "Press Release: Oppenheimer Builds Out Healthcare Team to Support Accelerating Growth". New York, NY. 2021-03-22
Rentschler Biopharma SE. (3/22/21). "Press Release: Rentschler Biopharma and Leukocare Extend Service Offering with Joint U.S. Site". Geneva & Newton, MA. 2021-03-22
Dotmatics Ltd.. (3/22/21). "Press Release: Insightful Science Joins Forces with Dotmatics to Form a Leading Cloud-First Scientific R&D Company". Bishop’s Stortford & San Diego, CA. 2021-03-22
Aber Instruments. (3/22/21). "Press Release: Aber Introduces Futura neotf On-line Single-use Biomass Sensor". Aberystwyth. 2021-03-22
AlloVir, Inc.. (3/22/21). "Press Release: AlloVir Appoints Diana M. Brainard, M.D., as Chief Executive Officer, Effective May 17, 2021". Cambridge, MA. 2021-03-22
Evotec SE. (3/22/21). "Press Release: Evotec and Takeda Enter Strategic RNA Targeting Drug Discovery and Development Alliance". Hamburg. 2021-03-22
EpimAb Biotherapeutics. (3/22/21). "Press Release: EpimAb Biotherapeutics Raises $120M in Series C Financing to Advance Bispecific Programs and Broaden Clinical Pipeline". Shanghai. 2021-03-22
Relief Therapeutics Holding AG. (3/22/21). "Press Release: Relief and Acer Therapeutics Sign Collaboration and License Agreement for Worldwide Development and Commercialization of ACER-001 for the Treatment of Urea Cycle Disorders and Maple Syrup Urine D 2021-03-22
Bruker Corporation. (3/18/21). "Press Release: Acuity Spatial Genomics Announces Formation to Open up New Frontiers for in situ, Spatial 3D Genomics". San José, CA & Boston, MA. 2021-03-18
Life Sciences Partners (LSP). (3/18/21). "Press Release: LSP Announces Closing of Upsized $120 Million Nasdaq IPO of European Biotech Acquisition Corp (EBAC) Targeting European Biotech". Amsterdam. 2021-03-18
Nordic Nanovector ASA. (3/18/21). "Press Release: Nordic Nanovector Appoints Experienced Pharmaceutical Company Leader Peter L. Braun as Chief Executive Officer". Potsdam & Berlin. 2021-03-18
Indivumed GmbH. (3/18/21). "Press Release: Indivumed Announces Expansion into Drug Development, Formation of Ix Therapeutics. Joint Venture with Xlife Sciences". Hamburg. 2021-03-18
Aktis Oncology. (3/18/21). "Press Release: Aktis Oncology Announces $72m Series A Financing to Advance Breakthrought Radiopharmaceuticals to Treat Solid Tumors". Cambridge, MA. 2021-03-18
Vaccitech Ltd.. (3/17/21). "Press Release: Vaccitech Completes $168 Million Series B Financing to Advance Three Clinical Programs Through Phase 2 Results". Oxford. 2021-03-17
Amphista Therapeutics Ltd.. (3/17/21). "Press Release: Amphista Therapeutics Raises $53M in Oversubscribed Series B Round to Advance Next Generation Targeted Protein Degradation Assets". Glasgow. 2021-03-17
Advent France Biotechnology S.A.S.. (3/17/21). "Press Release: Advent France Biotechnology Appoints Alejo Chorny, PhD, as Operating Partner and Head of New Spanish Operations". Paris & Barcelona. 2021-03-17
Inflammatix, Inc.. (3/16/21). "Press Release: Inflammatix Secures $102 Million in Series D Financing Led by D1 Capital Partners to Commercialize Novel Host Response Diagnostics". Burlingame, CA. 2021-03-16
Leica Microsystems AG. (3/16/21). "Press Release: Leica Microsystems Acquires Aivia, a Leading AI-enabled 3D Microscopy, Image Visualization and Analysis Software Solution". Wetzlar. 2021-03-16
Ryvu Therapeutics S.A.. (3/16/21). "Press Release: Ryvu Therapeutics Reports Financial Results for 2020". Kraków. 2021-03-16
Lava Therapeutics B.V.. (3/15/21). "Press Release: Lava Therapeutics B.V. Appoints Edward F. Smith as Chief Financial Officer". Utrecht & Philadelphia, PA. 2021-03-15
ElevateBio, LLC. (3/15/21). "Press Release: ElevateBio Scales Disruptive Cell and Gene Therapy Business Model with $525 Million Series C Financing". Cambridge, MA. 2021-03-15
Roche. (3/15/21). "Press Release: Roche Signs Definitive Merger Agreement with GenMark Diagnostics, Inc., to Access Novel Technology to Test for Broad Range of Pathogens with One Patient Sample". Basel. 2021-03-15
Univercells S.A.. (3/15/21). "Press Release: Univercells, Univercells Technologies and Gamma Biosciences Announce Mathias Garny as New CEO of Univercells Technologies". Brussels. 2021-03-15
Relief Therapeutics Holding AG. (3/12/21). "Press Release: Relief Announces CHF 10 Million Private Placement". Geneva. 2021-03-12
Cellink AB. (3/12/21). "Press Release: Cellink AB (publ) Announces the Completion of the Offering of Senior Unsecured Convertible Bonds Convertible into Class B Shares and a Class B Share Issue in an Overall Amount of SEK 3.0 Billion [NOT FOR US, CA, AU, 2021-03-12
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