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Spanios–Accelerated Biosciences: drug development technology, 202405– collab combi of COMPASS + PDT platforms with hTSCs for cancer drug design


Period Period 2024-05-16
Organisations Partner, 1st Spanios (US)
  Partner, 2nd Accelerated Biosciences Corporation (US/TW)
Products Product hTSC platform (human trophoblast stem cell platform)
  Product 2 COMPASS patient-derived 3D tumoroid (PDT) platforms (Spanios)

Accelerated Biosciences Corporation. (5/16/24). "Press Release: Accelerated Biosciences and Spanios Partner to Advance Therapeutic Design Across Solid Tumor Cancers". Houston, TX.

Spanios, a firm that created and leverages its unique 3D tumoroid platforms to validate solid tumor therapies today announced a partnership with Accelerated Biosciences, a company that licenses its commercial-grade human trophoblast stem cell (hTSC) platform for drug discovery, therapeutic development, biomanufacturing, and toxicology testing.

The partnership combines Spanios' proprietary COMPASS platforms and patient-derived tumoroid models with AccelBio's hTSC platform to advance therapeutic design across solid tumor cancers.

Accelerated Bio's hTSC platform serves as the starting material for this collaboration. hTSCs are the earliest form of pluripotent stem cells that are ethically sourced. These cells are highly plastic and immune-privileged, making them ideal for numerous medical and biotechnological applications. Among many other functions that the hTSCs can perform, effector cells derived from the hTSCs have been shown to be successful against many cancer cells.

Spanios' tumoroid research expertise enhanced by its ability to rapidly recapitulate preclinical therapeutic performance ex vivo will play a key role in generating clinically relevant data for the hTSCs. "We are excited about the preliminary data supporting the NK-like behaviors of these cells," said Vivek Ravi, Spanios CEO. "This opens a huge opportunity for cell-based therapies where other forms have struggled, especially for Ovarian, Colorectal and other challenging cancers, and is the driving force for the partnership."

"We are excited to collaborate with Spanios to advance the research and development of effector cells derived from hTSCs," said Yuta Lee, CEO of Accelerated Bio. "Together, we believe that we can further demonstrate the versatility of the hTSC platform for the development of the next-generation precision medicine therapies," said Ravi.

About Accelerated Biosciences

Accelerated Bio represents a transformative approach in the healthcare sector by leveraging the groundbreaking potential of hTSCs to revolutionize precision medicine. Originating from an early and ethical source, the hTSCs possess the extraordinary ability to perform functions of many cell types with added genetic stability, natural immune privilege, high expansion capacity, and ability to manufacture to clinical scale. Accelerated Bio's large, robust and encumbrance-free intellectual property estate also ensures Accelerated Bio's and its partners' freedom to innovate. For more information, please visit

For more information:

Henry Chen
Chief Financial Officer

About Spanios

Spanios's proprietary patient-derived 3D tumoroid (PDT) platforms bring patient diversity and biological complexity of solid tumors to therapeutic validation as well as to the earliest stages of drug discovery. The unique platform overcomes the limitations of traditional approaches such as xenografts and animal models by creating a resilient replica of host tumor environments with customizable testing conditions including variable levels of oxygenation and also immune-complemented. These models encompass both the tumor and its microenvironment growing together in unison to develop tumoroids that respond to treatments in a manner similar to that of the patient. This keeps the focus on identifying new pathways, bringing optimal treatments to the clinic, by enabling scientists to fast-track their search for novel cures to bring hope to millions of patients.

For more information:

Dean P. Remy
Head of Global Commercial Development

Record changed: 2024-05-20


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